Aether 2 Seconds (1 lb)

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These full pounds of Aether 2 Seconds may have small scratches, tiny rocks and/ or seed bubbles.

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Aether 2 is our reactive encasing glass, designed for superb work-ability in the flame.  It is engineered to be resistant to boiling and free from excessive seed bubbles.  Aether 2 has solved the production issues of original Aether and has an improved viscosity curve.  It will react with silver glasses but does a better job of holding the luster under encasement.  If you prefer a non-reactive clear, try Zephyr.  What are seconds?

Our second quality rods are less than perfect and are sold at a 25% discount. They may be too large, too small, too short, chipped, twisted or have an inclusion. They have passed our compatibility and color tests, but not our pretty rod test.

2 reviews for Aether 2 Seconds (1 lb)

  1. Christine Rathbun (North Stonington, CT)


    No, I didn’t find any actual rocks; only a few blemishes. These rods are awesome. Since I am new to lampworking, I wanted to try different brands of clear and this clear is THE best I have used so far. I found it the easiest to work with and was able to encase murrini without even one getting squished. This is now my clear of choice! Thanks for providing me with 2nds to try!

  2. Elizabeth Bunn (Sugar Land, TX)


    These Aether seconds are nicer than the best firsts of any kind that I’ve worked with.

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