Bags of Murrini Seconds

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10 six-inch canes & 6 two-inch canes

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Bags of mixed murrini seconds for $30 each.

Each bag contains:

  • 10 six-inch murrini canes
  • 6 two-inch murrini canes.

Murrini Seconds

Our murrini seconds may contain imperfect patterns, outside patterns only, or imperfections in the shape/size of the cane but they come at half the price of our first quality murrini canes!

Murrini Tips For Best Results

  • Cut murrini to your desired length with nippers.
  • Preheat Murrini by placing on graphite marver on top of annealing oven, this helps prevent thermal shock

How To Apply Murrini

  • Spot heat the bead where you will be placing the Murrini
  • Pick up Murrini using tweezers
  • Gently warm the Murrini in a soft bushy flame (this step helps prevent thermal shock)
  • Push Murrini into the preheated spot on bead
  • Gently heat the Murrini in a small flame until the chip begins to round over
  • Using a smooth steel or graphite tool press the Murrini flat onto the bead
  • Gently fire polish to remove chill marks
  • If desired reduce and/or encase.