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Kronos 2023 Seconds (1/2 lb)


Reducing and Opal Glass

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Kronos 2023, is a blue silvered opal designed to replicate our retired color Kronos.

Silvered Opals are R/T glasses. R= reduce. T = technical, in this case the T is for opacifying in the kiln.,

We recommend using moderately thin layers of the color and limiting annealing to 920°f for 1 hour to preserve the misty Opal effect.

The pictured bead has a core of Kronos 2023 encased in Zephyr, with reduced Kronos 2023 scrollwork.

Our second quality rods are less than perfect in shape. They may be too large, too small, too short, chipped, twisted or have an inclusion. They have all passed both our compatibility test and our color test, just not our pretty rod test.



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