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Mystery Glass (1/4 lb)


A 1/4 pound mystery glass.

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A 1/4 pound mystery glass.  It could be, striking, reducing, both or neutral.  It could be a redundant test batch, an odd batch of a stock color, the remainder of a test batch, seconds, thirds or any other mystery.  What it will be is compatible and full length rods!

  • These sales are final.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges.
  • All glass has been tested compatible.
  • Understanding the Label
    1. 1st check the superscript.  R = reducing, S = striking, N = neutral and R/S = reducing and striking (what we call dual).  You can stop here.  This is all you need to know to use the glass.
    2. Check the first two capital letters.  Example RO.  This is useful if you want to know what other colors it is similar to.  They are not exact matches, that’s why they’re mysteries.  Go to our Color Archives page to research.
    3. Ignore the number and lower case letters, they’re for our reference.
  • Tips:
    1. As a general rule, if the rods are in the tan family, they are likely striking or dual glass.  If the rods are black or a color they are likely a reduction glass.  If the rods are clear they are likely a neutral glass.
    2. If the bundle is a regular stock item, ex. Zephyr Seconds, then it is usually labeled that way.


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