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Oxalis Seconds (1/2 lb)

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Oxalis is a relative of the Super Lusters, Helios and Notos, in a transparent green-blue glass.  A chromium free green based off of test batch OX-380.

Our second quality rods are less than perfect in shape.  They may be too large, too small, too short, chipped, twisted or have an inclusion.  They have all passed both our compatibility test and our color test, just not our pretty rod test.

1 review for Oxalis Seconds (1/2 lb)

  1. Susan

    GORGEOUS reduction glass – use over aqua or green transparent and you can make a beautiful array of similar yet unique beads. I did this with leaves. Reduces easily to a shiny green luster but additional brushes in the redux flame yields some tones of purple and gold! Fabulous color for fish fins on sculptural beads.

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