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We are always glad to hear from you.  Email (doublehelixglassworks@msn.com) is best but you can also call (360)-754-9555 or message us on Facebook.


Double Helix Glassworks manufactures soft glass colors in Charlottesville, VA.  Jed and Julie Hannay run the company together with their loyal employee, Tim Peterson.  Jed has been a flameworker since 1999.  Through continual experimentation he has created our reactive silver glasses, premium clear glasses and is now working on his Oracle project, an extension of his dedication to making glasses for the flame.


Our products will expand your soft glass palette, they will inspire you to create new things and they will challenge you to master new techniques.

We treat you the way we want to be treated!  Here’s how.

  • Free or Flate Rate shipping – flat rate for orders under $200 and free shipping for orders over $200.
  • Next Day Shipping – Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.  Unless we’ve had a sale or new color, your order will ship the next day.
  • No extra weight charges.  We sell our glass by the 1/4, 1/2 or full pounds.  We never charge you for the ounce or two it goes over.
  • It’s in stock.  We don’t list products for sale that are out of stock so if you can add it to your shopping cart, it’s in stock.
  • Easy Packaging.  We send you a package that you can recycle, reuse or even compost!
  • We’ve got you covered.  No need to insure your package, if it gets lost or damaged along the way, we’ll replace it (excludes first class international).  If you don’t love it we’ll exchange it or refund it.
  • Batch Tracking.  We keep track of every batch of glass you bought from us.  If for any reason there is an issue with a particular batch date we’ll contact you and replace it!


  • Tested – we test every batch of glass for compatibility, consistency and quality.
  • Made in USA using electric furnaces.
  • Selected Ingredients-  We choose every ingredient that goes into our glass with the intent of avoiding toxic materials and hazardous work environments.