Our products will expand your soft glass color and effects palette, they will inspire you to create new things and they will challenge you to master new techniques.

We treat you the way we want to be treated!  Here’s how.

  • Free or flat rate shipping– no need to do complex price comparisons or wait on a shipping quote.
  • No extra weight charges- we sell our glass by the quarter pound or pound unit and accept that we can’t make a quarter of 12” glass rods weigh exactly the same every time.  We also weigh our quarters over and we never charge you for that small amount.
  • It’s in stock.-We don’t list products for sale that are out of stock so if you can add it to your shopping cart today it will ship tomorrow (excludes weekends).
  • Easy Packaging-We send you a package that you can recycle, reuse or even compost!  No need to add to that pile of styrofoam peanuts that someday you’re going to take to the shipping store.
  • We’ve got you covered- No need to insure your package, if it gets lost or damaged along the way, we’ll replace it (excludes first class international).  If you don’t love it we’ll exchange it or refund it.
  • Batch Tracking- We keep track of every batch of glass you bought from us.  If for any reason there is an issue with a particular batch date we’ll contact you and replace it!

We are a husband and wife team with two employees.  Jed, who is the mad scientist around here, has been a lampworker since 1999.  He worked at Frantz Art Glass for many years and while standing in Frantz’s warehouse full of every color of glass available in soft glass and boro he wondered why the boro palette wasn’t available in soft glass, so he tried to make it himself.  From there through continual experimenting he discovered new types of glasses that didn’t exist in either palette.  Through the success and failures of his experiments he’s developed glasses that change color, that develop a metallic surface, that can have that metal surface trapped under clear for an effect that looks like a shimmering sea shell.  He also realized that some of the existing glasses in the soft glass lampworker palette weren’t optimized for flameworking so he developed a clear glass that was.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so there are other companies making similar glasses now.  What sets us apart?  One word.  Standards.  We test every batch of glass for compatibility, consistency and quality.   We are made in USA, we are a 100% green power participant and we’ve had all of our stock colors tested for lead.

We are always glad to hear from you.  Connect with us via email, phone (360)-754-9555 or facebook.