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Aurae Light (1/4 lb)

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Reduction Color

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Aurae light has the same silver-reduction strength as regular Aurae with a pink base color.  Variations in the reduction process create mirrored, iridescent or satin textured lusters. If encased, the luster results in a pearlescent effect.

Work in a neutral flame. Cool until the glass is no longer glowing. Expose the glass to a reduction flame, while keeping it from getting hot. Brief (5-10 seconds) and repeated exposures produces the best results. For the satin textured luster, work in the tip of a larger reduction flame, let cool and then briefly reduce again until a subtle texture begins to form.

See our How To section for more detailed working information and tips on using our reduction colors.

What are Odd Lots (Light, Dark, Odd)

An Odd Lot is a batch of a regular stock color that did not pass its color matching test.  If it was lighter than the standard, it’s labeled light.  Darker, labeled Dark.  For any other non color matching reason, it’s labeled Odd.  Therfore, one batch of Light to another will not necessarily be the same.  Some could be slightly lighter than the standard and others much lighter.  A picture of the current batch of Light is in the gallery for your reference.

3 reviews for Aurae Light (1/4 lb)

  1. Darlene Hayes (Williams, AZ)


    only glass I don’t have to reduce to bring up the luster (for times I don’t want a lot of fuming), but if reduced its deep and lots of pink highlights.

  2. Colleen Schuck (Niles, MI)


    Love, love, love this version. Please keep making it. Colleen

  3. Peggy Rose (Ione, WA)


    I love all 3 version of Aurae! Keep them coming.

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