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Boreas is a silver saturated super-luster in an amethyst purple.  Based off of the BE series of test batches and in the same family as Aion, Elektra and Psyche.   Reduce for metallic effects, reduce and encase for mother of pearl effects.  Check out the video for more information. 
Work in a neutral flame, cool then reduce.

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  1. Sarah Hornik (Tel Aviv, )

    Hey, Double Helix – I really think you guys should put up a better photo of what this glass looks like. It doesn’t look attractive in the paddle photo and I never would have thought to order it, but when I tried the rod I got in the Reduction Assortment I was amazed at how beautiful it is. Now I can’t wait till I can get more. A very light and quick reduction, encased, yields fantastic bright blues, greens and purples. If you leave it on the surface and reduce, you get great oilslick colors.

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