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CE-352 blue/purple color shifting glass with a strong luster.


CE-352 is a blue/purple color shifting glass with a strong luster.


Texture in reduced paddle made with Jim Moore’s hand stamp tool.  Other paddle has been reduced and partially encased with Aether.


The CE, KA and CL series of glasses have color shifting properties and display varied tonalities in different light sources.  Incandescent light and sunlight produce purple, pink and ruby tones.  Fluorescent lighting produces blue, green and amber tones.

            Additionally, these colors both self strike and luster altering the transmission spectrum of the glass.  Many color outcomes are possible with this unique color chemistry. 


5 reviews for CE-352

  1. Riletha Mannikko (Renton, WA)


    CE-352 is gorgeous and very easy to work with. I hope you make it a DH regular. I tried it with Moretti medium transparent aqua under and the gold luster tones makes for a nice Carribean sea color shift. Also looks great all by itself, looks almost opalescent.

  2. Julie Ferguson (Batesville, MS)


    I can’t say much more tha what the other beadmakers said about CE-352 – I love this glass too and hope it makes it into the DH lineup! I especially like how it retains the flash (or strobe, as I call it) when encased.

  3. kristin carpenter (frankfort, KY)


    The colors I am able to get out of this glass are amazing! The color can vary from a gold/honey to a deep red reminiscent of Kalypso. This is definitely my favorite DH glass!

  4. Melissa Dewey (Chatham, ON)


    This glass is amazing! It is incredibly easy to strike, and gets a beautiful golden pink reduction luster. I created an account just to review this glass!

  5. Hollie White (Grant, AL)


    This glass is incredible! Absolutely one of my favorites. Easy to strike and such a beautiful gold. Please please please make this a standard. I loved that completely covering clear how gold it turns out, but the best was striping it around clear that not only gave me that lucious gold but brought out a light fuschia as well. This is by far one of my favorite glasses that I’ve had the pleasure of using. Cannot imagine someone not loving this and not being able to sell beads made with this at a premium. Truly eye catching.

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