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Clio (1/4 lb)

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Reset, cool, then reduce.

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2023 Clio production contains a purer colorant than previous production runs.  Clio is a color-shifting, reset-reduce glass, that transmits ambers and reds with the reds being more visible under incandescent and sunlight.  It develops a strong silver luster and maintains its pearlescence under encasement.  Reset-Reduce colors need to be reset in a neutral flame before following the reducing process.  See our guide on how to reset.  See our Phaeton Tutorial for the best techniques to use with Clio.


3 reviews for Clio (1/4 lb)

  1. Billie Krug (Carney, OK)


    I’ve been buying Clio since it first cane out. Beautiful encased or as a surface decoration. Reliable color everytime.

  2. Amy Anderson (Redding, CA)


    Clio would be it. I’ve been playing with it for about two weeks, and am 100% delighted with every single bead! It strikes easily and reduces even more easily. Fully reduced, I think it has the nicest and purest silver I’ve seen without using actual fine silver on the bead – only it’s better because it doesn’t burn away like silver does. I blew a few shards with Clio alone, and swirled with various other silver colors (Aquis, Nyx, Psyche…) They all came out spectacularly well. I like to take a little piece of shard, attach it to a bead, then take the unattached part and pull into a thin stringer to wind around and around the bead. If you’re careful, you can get several different colors out of the one shard, ranging from the fully reduced silver to shades of tomato, pomegranite, violet, and orange yellow. I think Clio would be a good first silver color if you’re just trying it for the first time because it seems so stable and is difficult to muddy up. I haven’t had a bad result yet!

  3. Aliedsje

    the one colour that never disappointed me. So beautiful and easy. Love it

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