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Euros (1/4 lb)

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Reducing and Striking

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Reducing and Striking  Euros is an opaque white glass that when struck can produce a blushed ivory and can reduce to a creamy ivory luster with gold spots.

To strike, the glass needs to cooled as much as possible and reheated gently in the far reaches of the flame for 30 seconds or more.

When reducing, in our experience, a hotter bead produces the gold flake effect while a cool bead develops a more solid luster.

3 reviews for Euros (1/4 lb)

  1. Nikki OBrien (Oamaru, North Otago)


    This one has some lovely possibilities! I got the creamy lavendery white by just melting/shaping and leaving out of the flame, a soft honey colour by cooling then wafting through the far reaches of an neutral flame, and a shiny, deeper honey colour by reducing it – that was my favourite shade in it so far. I think I will have some fun with this!

  2. martha1st

    I am sad to see Euros discontinued! It is a lovely base color. A variety of soft to rich honey tones can be obtained very easily in the flame. Perhaps another color rod will replace it in the near future?

  3. robin

    Lovely base color, seems to “bump” the striking colors into doing their thing a bit more easily. I’m glad I bought it.

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