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Garage Sale Box 2015 Archive

Not available for sale.  For reference only.


Each Garage Sale Box will contain 15 + pounds of glass with approximately 17 different items!  These sales are final.  There are no refunds or exchanges.  Only the final box is being weighed not each individual bundle so bundles will vary in weight.  Sold at $150.

All of the glass has been tested compatible.  The boxes are not the same and we cannot make any guarantees about what colors your box will contain.  Each box will contain mostly unreleased test batches and odd lots with the remainder made of any combination of; retired colors, previously released test batches, some 2nds and a small amount of 3rds of regular production colors.  All glass will be labeled.  The  unreleased test batches will be labeled with letter codes only.  The first two letters indicate what color family that glass is related to.  For example, IL.a is related to IL-581, so for information on working with IL.a you can refer to any of its relatives in the Color Archives.


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