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Iris (1/4 lb)


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Iris is the production version of the popular test batch AX-605.  The A was for Arke and the X was for 10 times the strength!  Though designed specifically for exterior applications, the silver portion of the luster will hold up under encasement.  This reduction color can yield a multicolored metallic iridescent luster.

Here’s a short video of the process. 

In our experience, a brush reduction flame produces the best results.






Tips from Jed:
It does require particular flame settings, and bead heat and reduction duration are more critical. My specific timings work for my specific set up.  It is going to vary from person to person.
Here is my process.
1) Shape bead
2) Allow bead to cool for 20 seconds.
3) Adjust flame so candles are stretched 2mm from neutral.
4) Pass bead through flame, candles should touch bead and deflect yellow flame around the edges. 1.5 seconds duration for each pass.
5) Allow bead to cool 5 seconds between passes.
6) Repeat pass-through and cooling cycle 5-15 times.
7) Anneal.


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