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Murrini Style # 1 (1 oz)

A core of Psyche with eighteen Luna3 stripes on the outside.


Murrini Style # 1 is a core of Psyche with eighteen Luna3 stripes on the outside.
4-7 mm in diamter and length.
Our Murrini are hand pulled using our own first quality colors.  Combinations usually include both reducing and striking colors.
For Best Results
Preheat Murrini by placing on graphite marver on top of annealing oven, this helps prevent thermal shock
To Apply Murrini
-spot heat the bead where you will be placing the Murrini
-pick up Murrini using tweezers and push it into the preheated spot
-gently warm the Murrini in a soft bushy flame, this step helps prevent thermal shock
-gently heat the Murrini in a small flame until the chip begins to round over
-using a smooth steel or graphite tool press the Murrini flat onto the bead
-gently fire polish to remove chill marks
-if desired reduce and/or encase.


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