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Opaque Speckled Luster.


OP-507, purple, opaque speckled luster.  Sold at the ISGB Gathering 2012.


Some customers have reported that their beads with OP-507 have cracked, others are not having a problem. 

Every pot of glass we make, including test batches and clears, are tested for compatibility against Effetre clear. Our tolerances are +/- 350 PSI, well below the safe limit of +/- 500 PSI. This means that any two of our glasses, even at opposite ends of our limits, could have a total strain of 700 PSI which is below the breaking point of 1,000 PSI.

The OP-507 (dark purple speckled luster test batch) tested at -215 PSI, which is within our standards. When Ellen let us know that her beads had cracked using Zephyr we re-tested the OP-507 against a worst case scenario batch of Zephyr. This means we selected a batch of Zephyr with the highest positive PSI in order to test against a test batch with a negative PSI. The OP-507 and Zephyr (5.26.12) strain was -441 PSI, well within our combined tolerances of 700 PSI and below the breaking point of 1,000 PSI.

For whatever reason, despite all of our testing, the OP-507 at -215 PSI is causing problems anyway. There are multiple solutions we can offer for this problem.

1. Contact us for a refund or replacement for the OP-507.
2. We can help you determine the best fitting Zephyr or Aether for OP-507 that is likely already in your studio. If you bought Zephyr or Aether from us, contact us to review the PSI of each of the batch dates you have and we can recommend the best fit. We keep records of what batch date we ship to you so, as long as you haven’t mixed multiple orders together, we know what batch date(s) you have.
3. If you don’t already have the best fitting Zephyr or Aether, put in an order requesting a batch date that is the best fit for OP-507.

Jed and Julie at Double Helix Glassworks



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