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Oracle Violet Opal (1/4 lb)


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Oracle-Violet Opal, a violet slow opal, same as test batch 803.AuOpl.  This opal is a striking glass that produces a range of misty opal violet tones.  It easily resets to transparent pale violet, step one of the striking process.  After resetting, allow it to cool to a faint opalescence.  O-V-O is slower than our regular Oracle-Opal, and may require a cooler flame to strike.  Longer annealing times or higher annealing temperatures can develop more opacity.  We anneal at 920°F for two hours or more.

The Bead: is a wigwag bead with Oracle-Violet Opal + Zephyr cane and Zephyr encasement dots.

The Oracle Projectresponsibly manufactured, low toxicity glasses made in the USA, without Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, or Selenium. Balancing viscosity curves, opacity, tonality, surface tension, and thermal shock resistance, to create glass that is a pleasure to work with in the flame.




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