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Pandora 2 (1/4 lb)

Kiln Striking


Pandora2 has been formulated to better resist flame striking than the original.  This gives you more time to play with the glass in the flame without altering the kiln striking. 

Pandora2 is a kiln striking color producing rich purples and greens.  Flame striking this glass will alter the kiln striking process and the glass will strike to orange/red in the kiln instead of purple/green.     

To get the best results with your kiln we recommend you make a simple unstruck bead to use as a test.  You may want to compare the color of your bead to our picture of an unstruck paddle. 

  • Anneal the test bead at your regular temperature.
  • Pull out the bead at one hour intervals and check its progress.
  • As it strikes it will go Amber – Ruby – Purple – Green – Blue – Opaque Red. 
  • Make note of the results and use that information to achieve your desired kiln striking.
  • If it does not strike enough for you in your time frame, you have two options.
    1.) leave it in for an additional day’s annealing cycle, or
    2.) Increase the striking temperature to accelerate the strike.


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