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Test batch PK-565, pink opacifying-lustering-golden-orange stuff

3 reviews for PK-565

  1. Nikki OBrien (Oamaru, North Otago)

    PK 565

    Still playing with this one – I get the softer clear pink when I just shape it then do nothing else to it, and when I reduce it I get some golden colours happening. Very soft iridescence when I encased it – better with DH clear (Zephyr) than Effetre as it’s a softer glass when heated so it melts in easier without burning out the sparkle. I have much to learn!

  2. Gloria Sevey (Gold Beach, OR)


    So far my favorite way to present this glass is to strike it to an opal pink and then lightly reduce the surface. The resulting beads are a beautiful lustered golden peach.

  3. melinda hirsch (Bellevue, WA)


    I LOVE this glass.Nothing else is this color–fabulous.

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