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Psyche Light (1/4 lb)

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Reduction Color

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Psyche Light has the same silver-reduction strength as regular Psyche with a lighter purple base color.  Depending on the reduction process, Psyche Light can produce a mirrored or rainbow oil slick appearance.  If encased, the luster results in a pearlescent effect.

Work in a neutral flame.  Cool until the glass is no longer glowing.  Expose the glass to a reduction flame, whole keeping it from getting hot.  Brief (5-10 seconds) and repeated exposures produces the best results.

See our How To section for more detailed working information and tips on using our reduction colors.

1 review for Psyche Light (1/4 lb)

  1. Steve Green (Sebastopol, CA)


    This glass is like most reducers however it does have one characteristic, with Alexanderite as a base Psyche light will put a light blue ring around the psyche lite.I would highly recommend that this glass be put into production.

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