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Psyche (1/4 lb)

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Reduction Color

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Psyche is strong silver reduction glass in a dark purple base.  Depending on the reduction process, Psyche can produce a mirrored or rainbow oil slick appearance.  If encased, the luster results in a pearlescent effect.

Work in a neutral flame.  Cool until the glass is no longer glowing.  Expose the glass to a reduction flame, while keeping it from getting hot.  Brief (5-10 seconds) and repeated exposures produces the best results.

See our How To section for more detailed working information and tips on using our reduction colors.

4 reviews for Psyche (1/4 lb)

  1. Billie Krug (Carney, OK)


    I can pull fabulous pearlescent colors from this glass. My customers love it. Easy to work with everytime.

  2. Kevan Aponte (Ocean Shores, WA)


    If DH stops making it I don’t want to go on living. Beautiful when encased.

  3. Anouk Jasperse (Arnhem, The Netherlands)


    Psyche is one of my favorite DH glass colors. It can reduce to a gorgeous mirror shine and encased, I get the most amazing purple, pink, blue & green with a really lovely mother of pearl shine. Love this glass!

  4. Louise Seale

    A timeless part of my glassworking kit. Offers a stunning range of colors from a single gather’s application if teased into reduction in stages.

    I’ll be sad if they ever discontinue this one–it helped me make some of the pieces that inspired me to stick with lampwork.

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