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Melia 2 Seconds (1/2 lb)


Melia is a satin textured, iridescent luster glass. Using a variety of reduction techniques, Melia can yield silver, teal, magenta, and turquoise lusters with or without the textured satin finish.

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Melia 2 is a chrome-free reformulation of Melia.  A teal version of the Arke, Iris, and Iaso family. Different metallic effects are possible depending on the reduction techniques you use.  Melia 2 retains its luster under clear encasement.  An opaque Celadon Blue can develop with extended annealing, about one hour at 950F.  Lower annealing temperatures and/or shorter times maintain the transparent teal.
For all reduction techniques, cool the glass before reducing and keep the glass from overheating (turning orange).
Rainbow iridescent; use a large brush reduction flame, briefly pass the glass right through the candles, repeating until the colors develop.
Mirrored silver luster; rotate the bead further out in a reduction flame. Repeat until the desired luster is visible.
Textured satin; repeatedly pass the bead through the very farthest reaches of the reduction flame without letting the bead get hot again.


Double Helix Seconds Quality

Our second quality rods are less than perfect in shape. They may be too large, too small, too short, chipped, twisted or have an inclusion. They have all passed both our compatibility test and our color test, just not our pretty rod test.



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