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Technical Assortment


No reducing or striking required but some technical details to know.

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An assortment of Double Helix Technical glasses.  Ten + rods.   Technical Glasses don’t require Reducing or Striking but do have some technical notes to check. Don’t forget to check our online User Guide pdf and other free tutorials.  You can find them here.

  • Oracle ExtraBlack – prefers cooler oxidizing flames. Avoid overheating.
  • Oracle Black – No reset, no cooling but briefly reheat before annealing @950 for 2+ hours.
  • Oracle White 2 – Avoid overheating to prevent separation.
  • Rhea, Eros, Lotis, Flora – Gold Rubies; avoid overheating.
  • Zephyr 3mm, 5mm, and 8 mm-Clear;  non reactive, do not pickle, does not etch.
  • Oracle Opal 2 – opacifies in the annealer.


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