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Terranova 2.1 (1/4 lb)

(4 customer reviews)

Reset, cool, strike. Sold @ $25/pound


Terranova2.1 is a highly saturated silver ruby.  It is capable of blues, greens, purples, reds and browns. The colors are dependent on the heat treatment given.  Working hotter or colder, doing a lot of shaping or a little, all of these and more will affect the color.

Reset, cool and strike.

4 reviews for Terranova 2.1 (1/4 lb)

  1. Melissa Dewey (Chatham, ON)


    I had two rods. After using 1/4 rod and realizing how fantastic the blues, purples, and burgundies were from this glass, I bought more. Love it!

  2. Linda Wloszczynski (Jacksonville, FL)


    I love working with this glass – easy to use and a nice range of color.

  3. jamie blabaum (cuba city, WI)


    i am obsessed with this color!!! i have three pounds of it in my studio! and a pound of frit! it is a must have, and really one of my favorites from DH. once you try it you will have three pounds of it too. when i heard from Frantz that they may not be able to get any more i scrambled to every online shop i could find to order as much as i could! but it is back- yeah! i struggled with this color at first- but i was working on a HH- but once i tried it on my minor- well i have three pounds of it- that says enough!

  4. nagibeads (So Cal, CA)


    This is a wonderful addition to the DH striking color line! It will turn so many colors from green, blues, purples and deep burgundies. Stunning and so easy. I have gotten purple at garage temps as high as 1058F for 4 hours and as low as 945F for 2 hours. Even the part that doesn’t strike in the flame comes out burgundy from the kiln….

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