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Garage Sale Boxes are how we recoup the cost of  testing and quality control.  They’re made up of redundant test batches, odd lots of production colors and other strange experiments we might be trying.  We’ve sold them at various weights and prices over the years and currently, they’re 5 pounds of glass for $175.  They contain a  mix of first, second or third quality rods and sometimes frit or murrini.  There is always a mix of glass types, which are noted on the labels superscript.  This is all you need to know to use the glass!

The superscript codes are; (N) neutral, (S) striking, (R) reduction, (Rs/Rx) Reset then reduce, (R/S) reducing and striking, and (T) technical.  For technical we do suggest you find it’s closest match because the instructions for technical glasses are not all the same.

Now the codes!  Garage Sale glasses are not regular production colors.  They are related to regular production colors or test batches we already released.  The code tells you the regular production color or  test batch that it is most closely related to.  All you need for that is the Reverse Master Glass List.  For example; RO19a, look up RO in the Reverse Master Glass List and it says, “Rhea or Lotis, Technical don’t overheat.”  Now you know that RO19a is related to Rhea and/or Lotis and you shouldn’t overheat it.  You also know by virtue of the fact that it’s in the Garage Sale that it is not Rhea or Lotis!