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Those murrini samples are cabs/marbles. I get an 8-10mm gather of Aether, allow it to cool some, heat the spot where I am going to put the chip, while preheating the chip out past the end of the flame (using tweezers). Then apply the chip and adjust with tweezers. Then out to the end of the flame to heat the chip gently, until slight glow. Then more heat, and press halfway with a cold metal thing (butter knife). Then heat again and press again to make flat, almost flush with Aether base. Then gently polish chip with pointy flame. Now prepare 7-8mm Aether cane by pinching off the cut end with tweezers and gathering 8-10mm ball, get quite hot and drop onto chip (evenly). Then apply heat to Encasing blob while holding blob upwards, so clear glass flows evenly down over chip, eventually allowing flame to hit both Aether blobs, smoothly encasing chip.