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We do not use lead in any of our glass compositions, and have recently had analysis done to test our colors for lead. All of our colors have practically zero lead content, except Gaia, which has slightly more than the amount that qualifies as “lead free”, but still only a tiny fraction of the amount that is in “lead glass”. Gaia is made from crushed Effetre Dark Emerald Green #591030. Kronos is made from Vetrofond Cobalt # 791060. Nyx and Olympia Rain are made from Effetre Clear #591004. These four colors predate the development our our proprietory custom batch. We have also developed Triton, Psyche, Aion2, and Oxalis as alternatives to the older cullet based colors. In all of our colors made from raw batch, we choose every ingredient that goes into them with the intent of avoiding any materials that are toxic to ourselves, our customers or the environment. We do not use cadmium, selenium, arsenic or antimony in any of our stock production colors, all of which are are common in other glass compositions.

Lead Analysis Report: Total Lead (ug/g)

  • Psyche <10.0
  • Kalypso 10.0
  • Nyx <10.0
  • Helios <10.0
  • Aether 14.0
  • Terranova <10.0
  • Kronos 54.5
  • Terra <10.0
  • Triton 10.0
  • Clio <10.0
  • Elektra <10.0
  • Pandora <10.0
  • Khaos <10.0
  • Luna <10.0
  • Aurae <10.0
  • Aion <10.0
  • Ekho <10.0
  • Gaia 475

Note: CPSIA permissible limit for lead content is 300ug/g.