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Aurae Frit (2 oz)


Reduction Color

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Aurae is a light purple, silver-reduction glass.  Variations in the reduction process create mirrored, iridescent or satin textured lusters.  If encased, the luster results in a pearlescent effect.

Work in a neutral flame.  Cool until the glass is no longer glowing.  Expose the glass to a reduction flame, whole keeping it from getting hot.  Brief (5-10 seconds) and repeated exposures produces the best results.  For the satin textured luster, work in the tip of a larger reduction flame, let cool and then briefly reduce again until a subtle texture begins to form.

See our How To section for more detailed working information and tips on using our reduction colors.

Our frit is run through a magnet trap to remove any metal particles from the crushing equipment and is then washed to remove the glass powder from the fine, medium and coarse.  Sold in 2 oz quantities.


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