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Clio Light



Clio Light is pink in sunlight and yellow green in fluorescent light.  Unlike regular Clio, we do not suggest resetting Clio Light.

Every batch of Clio we make is tested for color accuracy and striking consistency. To test the striking time, we make a small ball at the end of the rod to reset the color, hold it out of the flame for 60 seconds to allow it to cool, then put it back in the tip of the flame for 30 seconds to strike. Regular Clio will be a lovely cherry red at that point. Clio Light will be paler at the same timed test.

Clio is a color-shifting, reducing glass.  The colors will shift in different light sources.  Once reset and/or reduced that color shift is altered.

Based on based on test batches from 2008-2009;  CL-361, CL-360, and NE-325.


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