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Ekho 2 (1/4 lb)


Striking and Reducing

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Ekho2 is a dual color, capable of both reducing and striking.  It works best if you choose one technique or the other. Ekho2 is a reformulated version of Ekho.  The nucleation system used in Skylla and Skiron has been added, resulting in a glass that is easier to strike.

Ekho2 can be used as a surface luster, an encased pearlescent luster, struck on the surface, or struck under a thin encasement layer.

The cooling and warming portions of the striking sequence for this glass are both approximately 45 seconds for the bead size and shape pictured.  Specific times may vary depending on several factors.  For best results in a striking application, apply a thin layer of clear glass to encase, then reset the Ekho2, cool, and strike the color through the clear.  For detailed instructions, see our SnapGuide tutorial.



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