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Replaced with Ekho 2


Ekho was designed to offer features of both reduction and striking colors.  Ekho can retain a pearlescent luster under encasement, while striking during normal beadmaking operations.  For best results, Work Hot, Cool, Reduce, and Encase.  Melting the clear encasement using a cool flame will encourage a “mother of pearl” luster, while reheating the encased Ekho will further develop the struck tones.

1 review for Ekho

  1. Loren Beller (Manchester, CT)


    One of my many favorites from Double Helix,Although they are all favorites.This one offers up a whole bunch of Multi Color GOODNESS!!!.I have not been lampworking very long and have only worked up about a pound of DH. So,I can just imagine how much more beauty will develope from expierence with DH GALSS!!!!

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