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Garage Sale Box 2017 Archive

Not available.  For reference only.


Each Garage Sale Box will contain 5 pounds of glass.  These sales are final.  There are no refunds or exchanges.  There is a limit of 1 per order.  Sold at $110.

All glass has been tested compatible.  Each box will contain a mix of; neutral, reduction, striking, dual colors and clears in first, second or third quality rods.

Garage Sale glasses are labeled with codes.  The first two letters are what matter. Match them to a test batch with the same two letters and you’ve found your color family. Example; RO17a is in the same color family as RO-668, RO-670x and RO-673.  There are a few exceptions to this.  HY = Hyperion family.  KL= Kalypso family.  SR616 doesn’t have a matching test batch, the closest is RE-.  MiS stands for miscellaneous striking, MiR is miscellaneous reducing and some things were simply marked what they were, Zephyr Seconds for example. Some of the thirds weren’t marked at all but I believe they were all in the reducing category.

As a general rule, if the rods are in the tan family, they are likely striking or dual glass.  If the rods are black or a color they are likely a reduction glass.


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