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Oracle-754.opl (1/4 lb)

Slow Opal

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754.opl is a slow opal that strikes in the flame and kiln. When reset it is crystal clear and when fully struck it’s milky opaque white.   Areas that have started to opacify in the flame will continue to opacify  in the annealer.  Striking temperatures are lower than that of our silver glasses.

Working notes:
This slow opal stays mostly reset during many beadmaking operations, and will strike to a misty-opal during annealing.  I anneal this color at  975°F for up to five hours for misty-opal beads, depending on size, encasement, and other factors.  Your kiln is probably different than mine. Test beads are recommended.

-Jed at Double Helix Glassworks

The Oracle Projectresponsibly manufactured, low toxicity glasses made in the USA, without Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, or Selenium. Balancing viscosity curves, opacity, tonality, surface tension, and thermal shock resistance, to create glass that is a pleasure to work with in the flame.

The Oracle Project Test Batchesoffered direct from the glassmaker to the artisan.  Labeled with batch date and formula number, with a suffix to indicate glass family type example, 740.opl.

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching, developing, batching, testing, and using these colors, and it is my sincere hope that these glasses enhance your flameworking experience.
-Jed at Double Helix Glassworks




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